American Grown, USDA HEMP!

Right now, I'm going to post a link to the USDA's website, with their timeline for hemp. Law enforcement that refuse to enforce the law regarding hemp, are directly hurting AMERICAN FARMERS that are doing this as a last ditch effort to save our country from future famine and poverty. The one's who are against it have credit card debt, bills, or are in debt to what they believe to be the mafia. They attack it because they are ordered to or else they will be defaulted on, or just simple annoyances sometimes will make someone betray their country. I believe education and warning first, then charge them with treason judging by the severity of their actions the appropriate punishment will be dealt, but I'm not here to decide any of that nitty gritty. I just simply do the right thing and all others fall before me. Anyways, Hemp.

Link to the USDA.GOV offical Hemp Page and Site