Rebel Flag


The rebel flag is ugly. It looks like a big red purse that some girl cut one of you idiots blue jeans, cut out some pretty stars, and put it in the form of an X cause she done seened it somewhere. It's an eyesore, but its neccessary as a marker. It's so ugly and when you see it it doesn't inspire anything really. Except nausea. The only people that rally under it as if it were their momma's dress, are hateful, spiteful, ignorant people who choose it when they are fed up. What a piece of crap, and what a bunch of pieces of crap that rally behind it. And while you idiots are still apologizing for getting mad at her for even cuttin your bluejeans in the first place, just remember, this is the best it gets for you pieces of trash. It also took me THIS long to realize it's in the shape of an X. Definitely not a brand association. There is no way, NO EFFING WAY, I am letting the X symbol fall to these trash. That stands for the UNKNOWN and always will.