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Status Updates and Attentions

It's come under some scrutiny that I haven't been completely forthcoming with my intentions. This might be true, so I decided to double my efforts! Today, I have created a masterpiece of scheduling. That's correct. I paid my bills, got my work done, and even had time to enjoy some gummies. I am truly blessed.

Folks BE CAREFUL out there FOLKS! It's come to my attention that there are a lot of nerds out there running their lips assuming all kinds of strange possibilities. Once you tell them, you realize they can't handle the truth. PROVE IT!

So far everything is on lock. Everything in my area at least. I can't say the same for the edge or the edge servers, the CDNs or the characters that run them, but at least I'm doing alright so far. Staying strong is key. Mentally, you can't let anything offset you. If it does, you have to be able to handle it.

HTML Site Directory and Micro-Blog

Welcome to my HTML site directory. This is written in pure html as a way to allow maximum compatibility over multiple browsers.
I currently do not have any projects in the works.
I am, however, interested in starting something. I've grown a certain appreciation for the art of creation.

Recent Discoveries and Revelations

I've recently discovered just how important this is for me and my development. By using the term, "this" I am describing the creative process. Personally, I believe the entire process is all related. From the moment the decision is made to create a project, that is the birthing of the creation. It is all the choices that come after that represent what we've experienced in life and how we choose to portray it through our creations.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, this is something that shines through in almost all aspects. Whether it's noticed by few, by all, or by none, the process still shines through whether we are aware or not. Life is so precious and visceral it's what drives existance. The discovery of the world around us in a gentle and truthful manner leaves an impression so profound it is what inspires us to create in an attempt to recapture that moment. Through our beautiful creations we have the ability to communicate which includes such things as storing and retrieving memories, relaying instructions, and conveying ideas.


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